Sarah Watkins

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Green and Black’s: ‘The taste you remember’

A marketing campaign to encourage new customers to try Green & Black’s products. The campaign uses the idea that certain flavours can bring back important memories.

It suggests that the unique taste of Green & Black’s is the ‘flavour’ of the memory. Each description sits inside a simple illustration representing the memory.

Not Just Fleurons: Celebrating plants and gardens

An open brief to typographically interpret plants and gardens. I designed a commemorative publication telling the story of the discovery and restoration of the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

A central quote from the story appears on the front cover. Plant forms taken from cropped sections of this quote appear on the wrap around cover.

The cropped plant forms from the quote are also used throughout the book.

Different ways of thinking about plants are shown through the form the story takes. Emotional descriptions of the gardens are presented as poetry. Practical information about the plants appears alongside in the form of bulleted footnotes.