Ryan Bartaby

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Directional Devices

An investigation into why arrows are the most used directional devices within wayfinding, diagrams and humble drawings, and find out what possible alternatives there may be. The culmination of this project was a book that explores the arrow as a sign and symbols and some experiments towards alternate directional devices.

A poster featuring various recognizable arrow contexts and uses, highlighting how frequently they are used and how reliant we may be upon, for better or worse.

A booklet containing a selection of found hand rendered directional devices. The examples show that, despite any lack of formal quality, they rarely seem to fail in directing their unprejudiced audience.

ISTD – Cycle Street Ways

A signage system concept intended to help cyclists navigate the quieter, smaller streets around cities, in order to discover the rich cultural texture of a city by using the unique mode of transport.

An extensive and detail set of design guidelines has been produced in order to allow others to understand the concept and design of the signage system.