Michael Thomas

phone: 07791747358 link: www.michael-thomas.co.uk email: hello@michael-thomas.co.uk

St Petroc’s

A rebrand for a local homeless charity St Petrocs Society, using design to improve communication between the charity and it audience through improved clarity of expression.

The annual report was redesigned in the spirit of the brand while using bold and solid typography and imagery creating simple but powerful narratives.

This was all complimented by a redesign of the charities website. Catering to both clients and the public the site offers immediate and practical advice and information through an easy to use interface.

Cycle Line

Cycle Line is a wayfinding system for cyclists around London. It uses people’s knowledge of wayfinding in London using the underground, linking all the stations via recommended-for-cycles roads.

The variety of supporting signage is developed to provide varying levels of information so users can integrate seamlessly at any point of the routes allowing journeys to develop organically while on the move.

The Orientation Hubs are the links between these routes, providing more extensive information about their immediate locality including street view maps and lists of nearby features of the area.