Lisa Claire Stewart

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Daymer Bay Iced Tea

Rebrand for Daymer Bay Iced Tea, they wanted their new packaging to reflect their Cornish roots and appeal to young adults. I had a few ideas including a literal interpretation, a conversational route and a wave of refreshment.

I also designed a website and illustrations for their VW campervans. Below is a design for their website. Please see my website for more of this project.

I love to draw and am really interested in birds so decided to combine these two things and create a series of posters illustrating the vast distances certain birds migrate.


Seasonal publication and menus for Flora, a hypothetical restaurant specializing in foraged food. This image shows how the publication and menus are bound together with a belly-band.

Plastic Ocean

Poster from my final major project about plastic pollution in the ocean. I also designed three books, which target the issue in more detail.

A selection of spreads from the project, please see my website for more of this project.