Joe Moore

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The Radio Times

Television is a big part of everyday life for the majority of people and with digital radio seeing a large resurgence in people reverting back to listening to the radio. Many publication topics are heavily catered for, i.e film and music magazines, however there is no real flag ship magazine for television and radio.


A brief to get Ikea noticed in a new light, the outcome aimed to highlight the value Ikea offer by highlighting all the product under £100. All the outcomes play on the idea of building, being hands on and highlighting the form and price of the products.

Product Library

After exploring many different avenues and looking at the definition of fakery – having a false or misleading appearance, i decided that i wanted to create a reaction to the sometimes misleading and confusing modern-day shopping experience. A solution that would remove the haze of branding and packaging and allow consumers to browse products easily and in an unbiased way. The Product Library is my contribution to this problem, a independent institution set up to offer customers a third party to reference.