Jimmy Lister

phone: 07921519927 link: www.jimmylister.com email: www.jimmylister2011@hotmail.co.uk


Re-Think represents ten household, everyday, mundane objects in a way that shows them in a fresh perspective. I was concerned that people live alongside these objects on a daily basis without taking into consideration how important they actually are. I wanted to give these mass-produced objects a ‘personality’; a way of questioning their true value.

Spreads and taken from the publication and accompanying posters.

I donate

Inspiring members of the public to donate more often to a chosen charity. With the ‘I donate’ scheme, members of the public don’t just donate to the charity; half of what they donate goes to ‘Arts for Health Cornwall’ (a charity based in Cornwall), the other half goes into improving creative arts in their community. This acts as a positive incentive for them to donate. The icons shown below represent different professions of members of the public and how they use the creative arts.

The scheme was applied across print and digital based outcomes.