Jane Harwood

phone: 07806772768 link: www.janeharwood.com email: jane@janeharwood.com


A self-initiated project inspired by the Leeds City Centre Conference to rejuvenate the high street. I responded to this by looking to rebrand a barbershop on the high street – creating a sense of place, designed to encourage visits to the city centre.

‘Shed’ which has a double meaning for the barbers, is also a place for the men to retreat to. Promotional cards that contain the opening times boast ‘I’m in the shed’ and are designed to be placed in office spaces when they go to get their haircut.

The shop still retains the barber’s pole in order to directly communicate the service but the exterior and interior resemble more of the inspired ‘shed’ environment. There is also a range of products called ‘Shed Men’ for use in the home grooming routine.


Branding project based on a proposed ‘Museum Of Eating’. Inspired by Heston Blumenthal I developed a concept based on celebrating the enjoyment of food during the dining experience.

The logo simply represents the tablecloth and the letter ‘M’ for museum. The abbreviation of ‘Museum of Eating’ to ‘ME’ allows for a variety of phrases to be put together.

The museum shop uses the ‘ME’ abbreviation and applies it to a variety of different products, each which can be taken home in the Museum Of Eating ‘Take ME Away’ bag.