James Booth

phone: +447546718510 link: www.iamjamesbooth.co.uk email: iamjamesbooth@gmail.com

DAIS o.5

We created an arts journal as a platform to spread inspiring work. Designing the publication, we co-ordinated photographers, writers and journalists. The 0.5 issue is in shops in magma (manchester and London) and in Art words.

Social Consensus of Meaning

By taking the top google image hit for key words, and placing them into well-recognised prose, do we still recognise the rhyme, and do we understand what the images mean in their new context?

Vernacular Cornish Lettering

Over the past year I have documented letters in Cornwall. I am interested in how the examples I have collected create an honest everyday visual language of the Cornish vernacular. This Catalogue displays some of the letters that I have collected ordered by location.

This Is Kernow Typeface & Specimen

A display typeface that takes found nuances and applies them to a more generic non place specific sans serif letterform. This emphasizes the found nuance of the letter and helps the characters work together as a complete typeface.

The type specimen details the process of collection, and displays the typeface using the strangest of Cornish Newspaper Headlines to try and reinforce the “Cornish” Vernacular narrative.