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‘Go on, make your mum proud!’

‘Go on, make your mum proud!’ is a packaging range to make meals from scratch aimed at students. It is to encourage them to learn to cook and gain confidence in it.

The back of packaging that shows the recipe card that can tear off for the user to keep plus there is a handle for ease of carrying.

Look at Yourself Differently

A mini-mag that acts as a girls guide to make-up and beauty to create awareness around the subject aimed at 7-10 year old girls.

The front cover to this mini-mag is made from mirror card to encourage girls to look at themselves differently thus reflecting the title.


‘Snowflake’ is a capturing device that allows you to capture your very own unique snowflake in response to the brief: Sell ice to an Eskimo.

Snowflake’ comes in an outer box that opens outwards to reveal the capturer to add to that uniqueness.