Emily Secrett

phone: 07901690026 link: www.emilysecrett.co.uk email: emilysecrett@aol.com

Postage Stamps

To create stamps celebrating the idea of ‘firsts’ to inspire the nation whilst instilling national pride. I settled on the quintessentially British horticultural show, capturing the polished detail and presentation of the fruit and vegetable class, showing the dedication of the British grower and their strive for perfection.

James and the Giant Peach

My design is based upon the ticket appearing within the book, sold by James’ evil aunts in order to admit entry to view the famous Giant Peach. I have designed a bookmark to accompany the book echoing the information and design of the cover, with added perforated details, to create the feeling the reader is holding a real ticket admitting them entry to visit the Giant Peach

Love British Food

To re-brand Love British Food, providing information on eating British produce. My concept Farm to Fork, supports British farmers, promoting local produce. Showing the link between local food production and consumption, emphasising the freshness and benefits of the produce.

A series of farmers market posters, using imagery of produce at its freshest, manipulating them to give information of the individual market.

A series of recipe books, containing traditional British recipes. Each book contains ten recipes, and offers additional information such as what meat cut is required, and when produce is in season.