Dario Utichi

phone: 07977012682 link: www.darioutichi.co.uk email: hello@darioutichi.co.uk

James and the Giant Peach

Logotype for Roald Dahl’s classic, James and the Giant peach, this was created for the puffin book awards brief to create a new and original cover for the book.

Arts Response

This campaign for Arts Response, which is a series of events set up by Arts for Health Cornwall aims to target people who might be suffering from anxiety and depression in an inviting and non-threatening way.

Swap Shop App

Iphone App for The Warp Records Swap Shop that aims to get listeners appreciating music again, through a digital platform. Users will be invited to create their own profile, and upload their old CD’s they no longer want.

The Warp Records Swap Shop aims to get music lovers appreciating music again. These posters are promotion for swap shop events that encourage the idea of swapping music and interaction between users.

That looks nice

That Looks Nice is a series of workshops investigating inspiration and research within Graphic Design. Focusing on the way we observe the world around us and how this can influence the work we do, whilst also looking at the design process, content and contextualisation.

That Looks Nice workshop booklets including briefs and ideas on inspiration and motivation.